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Why Enterprises Hire Me

  • You’re new in position and want to make the most of your first 90 days and need someone to help you quickly assess the state of the business
  • You believe your current product or customer experience has lost relevance, and need breakthrough insights to regain momentum
  • You want someone to help you tee up future growth opportunities while you address this quarter’s performance
  • Your business is #1 in its category and you need to look elsewhere for growth
  • You want to import a new skill set to your team and would like a mentor to make sure the training sticks

“When all think alike, then no one is thinking.”

Walter Lippman

Lisa played a powerful role for our team in how she constructively challenged us and helped prevent us from getting into group think about the competition. She was very effective in getting people to think outside of the box and use the insight from that in very practical ways. She has passion, creativity, drive, flexibility, and a powerful ability to problem solve. She is willing to play whatever role is needed, and is a great mentor because she has been in our shoes and understands the dynamics we face.
Lucy Swift

Director, General Mills

When I took over as President of Sylvan Learning Centers NY DMO advertising co-op, our members believed our existing media plan wasn’t working hard enough, but we lacked the data to inform a change in strategy that we could all agree on. Lisa recommended and supervised a great outside resource that performed a detailed survey of our existing and former customers, and their media usage patterns. The resulting insights into our best customers allowed us to optimize our media mix so that inquiries increased 15%.
Kendra MacLeod

Former President, NYDMA Advertising Co-op, Sylvan Learning Centers

identify unmet marketing needs

Identify Unmet Needs

Uncover insights that lead to breakthrough opportunities

develop compelling solutions

Build Compelling Solutions

Design products, services, and experiences that delight

go to market strategies and tactics

Go to Market

Apply the right go-to-market strategies and tactics

accelerate market performance

Accelerate Performance

Understand what's working, what's not, and help you pivot accordingly

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