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Why Entrepreneurs Hire Me

  • You haven’t hired your CMO yet, but you need to make critical decisions about your product and positioning – such as which potential customer segments to target first
  • You’re in beta and want someone to represent the voice of the consumer so you can avoid iterating in unproductive areas
  • You’re launched but aren’t getting the traction you expected, and need help to quickly diagnose what’s working, what’s not, what to leverage, and what to sacrifice so you can take decisive action
  • You’re scaling rapidly and want to apply Fortune 500 disciplines and frameworks without bogging your people down with Fortune 500 bureaucracy

I’ve worked with B2B and B2C companies from “gleam in the eye” to acquisition, in a variety of industries:

Consumer insights

Consumer products



Health and wellness


Mobile transactions



“M. A. Rosanoff: “Mr. Edison, please tell me what laboratory rules you want me to observe.”

Edison: “There ain’t no rules around here. We’re trying to accomplish somep’n! “

Thomas A. Edison


The pace of technological progress can, and often does, outstrip what markets need.

Clay Christensen

World's foremost authority on disruptive innovation, Clayton Christensen Institute

Over the years that I have worked with Lisa, she has provided outstanding insights and guidance. Whether it was setting the direction for my startup venture, growing the business and building a community following, or developing my exit strategy to sell to a company that could take the brand national, Lisa always helped me focus on a key framework for business analysis and identified points of leverage for success. She’s quick, direct, perceptive, seasoned and resourceful.

Trish May

Founder, Athena Partners

Lisa is one of the best strategic marketing minds in Seattle and a great resource to call on when my portfolio companies need help with marketing strategy.  Whether it is helping to identify the best target segment, writing a GTM plan, or providing interim marketing support before the company makes a permanent hire, Lisa brings strategic thinking and practical know-how that accelerates time to market. 
Bill McAleer

Co-Founder, Voyager Capital

Lisa was very helpful at getting me to focus on the right issues and suggesting appropriate solutions to start-up marketing challenges. Her approach to developing a marketing strategy and choosing the best way to enter a market made sense to me, and moved us from having a sketchy go-to-market plan to having a much better idea of how to get started.
Jeremy Jaech

Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder/CEO, SNUPI Technologies

identify unmet marketing needs

Identify Unmet Needs

Uncover insights that lead to breakthrough opportunities

develop compelling solutions

Build Compelling Solutions

Design products, services, and experiences that delight

go to market strategies and tactics

Go to Market

Apply the right go-to-market strategies and tactics

accelerate market performance

Accelerate Performance

Understand what's working, what's not, and help you pivot accordingly

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