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Why Non-Profits Hire Me

  • You are new in position and want to make the most of your first 90 days and you need help to quickly assess the state of your nonprofit with its constituencies
  • You’ve set an ambitious goal for your organization but don’t believe your current strategies will get you where you need to go
  • You sense you may not be serving your constituencies in the best possible way, and are looking for fresh insights to inspire new solutions
  • You aren’t bringing in the donations or getting the support you used to, and want to reignite momentum behind your cause
  • Your mission could be better served if your organization partnered with for-profit firms and you’d like help navigating this
  • You want to adapt best practices from for-profit organizations to yours in a culturally appropriate way

I worked with Lisa on three major projects for King County Library System, each of which helped inform our future direction. The Patron Experience Transformation Project helped us identify the most important dimensions of the ideal patron experience. Wayfinding and Facilities Standards projects helped us provide an intuitive “patron path” through our facilities so patrons could easily browse our collection.

Lisa was the consummate professional. She provided background research, creative ideas, collaborative meetings, constant communication, and summarizing documentation.  She was a problem solver when presented with obstacles. Most of all, her humor, work ethic, and energy made working with her a delight.

Denise Siers

Director of Public Services, King County Library System

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Identify Unmet Needs

Uncover insights that lead to breakthrough opportunities

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