Interview subjects needed!  Are you game?

I’m talking to entrepreneurs about how they navigated the transition to corporate life after selling their companies.  What happened.  What worked well or poorly.  What turned out to be most important for success, however they defined it.  What they wish they had known going in.  And most importantly, what advice they’d give fellow entrepreneurs in similar situations.

My plan is to publish the findings in a series of blogs, and eventually package them to share with entrepreneur communities.  Early results have been fascinating, and there is high interest in the subject.

I’m looking to expand the number of interviews to get a broader representation of entrepreneurs.  If you are a CEO or founder who sold your business and joined the acquiring company I’d love to hear your story.

I’d also love to hear from others who might have visibility into this subject.  You might be an investor, advisor, or part of the acquiring company assigned to integrating new businesses.

Know anyone?  If you’re interested in participating please contact me directly!


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